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How to Deal with Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs - What they are?

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are insects that have a small, brownish and oval shape. They subsist on the blood of human beings and animals. Bugs that are adult have flat shaped bodies that are of the size of an apple seed. Bedbugs swell and assume a reddish color after feeding. These bed insects cannot fly however they can move with speed over ceilings, walls and floors. It is seen that female bugs have the capacity to lay hundred eggs; each egg has the size of a very tiny dust particle.

Bugs that are immature are known or referred as nymphs; these insects shed their skin five times during their life span before attaining a stage of maturity. They need to feed on blood of shedding their skin each time. If these bugs get favorable conditions they can grow fully within a month's time and can give birth to three generations during one year. Bed bugs create nuisance however they cannot transmit any fatal disease.

Types of Bedbugs

Bedbugs in USA and other parts of the world have diverse varieties. In this article we are discussing some common species of bedbugs:-

  • Cimex Lectularius :- This is a common species of household bedbug. It is found all over the world. These bugs can adapt themselves to the surroundings of human beings; they live in climates that have temperate nature. You will find some other pests and insects that resemble Cimex bedbugs in physical appearance and habits. These kinds of bedbugs need intense magnification to get identified.

  • Cimex Hemipterus :- These kinds of bedbugs feed themselves on human blood. They are generally found in those areas of Florida that have a tropical climate.

  • Cimex Adjunctus :- This species of bugs are called as bat bugs. It is seen in regions having temperate and tropical climates. Cimex Adjunctus feed on the blood of bats, that's why they are known as bat bugs. However these bugs also feed on the blood of human beings if bats are no longer there for them.

  • Mexican Chicken Bug :- The biological name of this bedbug is Haematosiphon inodora. The appearance of this bug is identical to that of common bedbugs. These bugs are generally seen in farms that deal in poultry. Mexican chicken bugs subsist on bird species and poultry as hosts.

  • Barn Swallow Bugs :- These bedbugs also look like common bedbugs. They hide in surroundings outside homes in swallow nests. They enter the homes of humans at the time of migration done by birds.

Before commencement of treatment of bedbugs it is essential to identify their species. Different species of bedbugs are exterminated through different treatment methods. If you choose incorrect treatment options to drive these bugs then they may prove either harmful or ineffective.

Negative Effects of Bed Bugs on you and Your Home

Bedbugs become active during night hours, they usually bite any person when he is asleep. These insects feed themselves by piercing the outer layer of the skin. They have elongated beaks though which they withdraw blood. Bedbugs feed themselves from four to ten minutes and assume an engorged shape. After this they crawl away without being seen by anyone.

The bites from bedbugs seem to be painless at first however later own they assume the form of itchy and tiny wounds. Bedbugs are different from flea bites because they bite their victims near the portion of ankles. The bites from these insects can be seen on any area of the skin that remains exposed during sleeping hours.

One thing to note in this concern is that the bites of redbugs do not display red spots on the center portion of the ankles like that seen in case of flea bites. People are not able to realize that if they ignore infestation of bed bugs then they may get troubled due to itching sensation and bites that are experienced even during the case of mosquitoes. Due to this reason you should seek as well as identify these bugs.

Where do Bedbugs Hide in your Home?

Bed Bug Hides

Bedbugs generally enter your home from outside surroundings and hide in your luggage, beds, couches and clothing including some other items. Their flat shaped bodies enable them to hide in tiny spaces that have a width that is equivalent to a credit card. Bedbugs do not possess any nest like bees or holes like ants. They like to live in groups in the homes that have tiny hiding places. The main hiding places of bedbugs are box springs, mattresses, bed frames as well as headboards from where they can get easy access to humans and bite them during sleeping hours at night.

Bedbugs generally get scattered in the bedroom and move in a protected location or through a crevice. They can also spread through neighboring apartments and rooms. As bedbugs wholly depend on blood thus if they live in homes then this is not a sign of dirt in a living place. You can generally find these tiny insects in rooms of hotels and homes that have not been cleaned for many months.

How do Bedbugs Spread?


Bedbugs are generally found in home accessories like clothing, beds, furniture, thus their eggs may be seen in these domestic accessories. These insects spread all over the home by crawling and can contaminate as many rooms in a home. They may even spread to neighboring flats or homes in an apartment or locality. Bedbugs can also detected in suitcases, boxes, old or untouched books. They can also have the capacity to move from one home to another by hiding in goods that are moved from one residence to the other. Bedbugs are also seen in clothes that are kept in infested houses, they can spread from one person to another if they exchange and wear clothes that are infested with these domestic insects.

How can Bedbugs be Detected?

Doing detection of bedbugs can be a tough task because they have a tiny body size. These insects hide themselves in crevices and minute cracks. Any evidence of presence of bedbugs is usually found on mattresses and beds. Active bedbugs leave marks of their presence in the form of black or dark brown spots of dry urine in areas that are infested by them. These pests can also be detected if you smell a subtle or musty odor on your beds or mattresses.

Bedbugs are generally seen in those surroundings in home where you spend most of your time. These insects have flat shaped bodies. They hide themselves in small cracks where persons like to sleep during night hours. You can detect bedbugs in footboards, mattresses, box springs, headboards and bed frames. Other common surfaces where bugs can be detected include gaps and cracks that are visible behind door moldings, windows and wall outlets.

What Should be Done when you Notice Bedbugs?

Bedbug Effects

If you notice bedbugs in your home then the first thing you should do is to keep the accessory infested with them in direct sunlight. It has been proved that all insects including bedbugs are averse to sunlight. Thus if you keep your home accessories exposed to the sun then these insects will get away from them. In case if you get a bedbug bite then you can cure yourself by using steriod creams and antibiotics. If you clean areas that are infested with bedbugs then you will need a lot of chemical treatments. If you spray insecticides in your bed or bedroom then this can prove harmful to your health. Thus you should use those products that may prove safe for your bedroom. It will be good if you take help of an experienced professional who is expert at doing pest control.

What Can we do to Get you Rid of Bedbugs?

We are experienced bedbug control professionals who have helped people in getting rid of insects like bed bugs. One of our main steps before exterminating bedbugs is to take a formal inspection of the area that is infested with bedbugs. Our expert workers and technicians seek and search the areas that are seriously infected with bedbugs. After doing minute examination of the infested area our professionals take precautions to destroy the infection that is caused due to bedbugs. We are having very expert bedbug exterminators who have modern state of art equipments and tools to destroy bedbugs in your home and surrounding locality.

Our Methods to Destroy Bedbugs

Methods Destroy Bedbugs

Following are our methods to destroy bedbugs:-

  • Standard Treatment :- We at Harlem bedbug exterminators make use of simple and effective standard treatment to eradicate the problem of bedbugs. We take an initial inspection and our professionals decide about the intensity of bedbug infection. In case if you assess the damage done by bedbugs by yourself then you can guide our pest control team with your data. We provide you full independence to make use of homely pest control ways but in case if you are seriously infected by pests like bedbugs then we come to you with our standard treatment package.

    Our fully skilled and well trained technicians make or prepare a tailored standard treatment to remove the problem of bedbugs. This generally involves putting a seal to the infected locality or area, eco-friendly chemicals are also sprayed in well made crannies. Our team will take your consent before spraying pest controlling chemicals on your bed, furniture, cupboard and carpets. You need not worry all you have to do is allow our team to carry on their work at your home.

  • Organic Treatment :- If you need a totally clean surrounding at your home that is free from bedbugs then we provide organic treatment for your problem of bedbugs. We at Harlem bedbug exterminators have sufficient eco-friendly equipments that can smite bedbugs. It is a promise from us that our organic chemicals will keep your surroundings safe. We use such kind of tools, equipments and chemicals that can keep your kids and pets safe from harmful effects. We use such equipments and pesticides that are approved by FDA and EPA.

  • Freezing Treatment :- This sort of treatment to destroy bedbugs is among the fastest remedies to get rid of them. We at Harlem bedbug exterminators use modern freezing procedures to make you ensures with an uninterrupted sleep without any problem of bedbugs. If you need it our professionals can also do customization of freezing treatment according to your pest control requirements. It is a well known fact that bedbugs get destroyed in heated surroundings like other organisms. Our professionals make use of highly advanced snow guns that will totally solve your bedbug issue at home or office premises.

  • Thermal Treatment :- This technique is very effective in destroying bedbugs by means of subjecting them to extreme temperature. Just like any organism cannot live in too much heat, in the same way bedbugs also cannot survive in extreme temperatures. Harlem bedbug exterminators make use of spot heating procedure that penetrates into the smallest crannies and destroys bedbugs. If you make use of sauna bath then you will come to know how this system of thermal treatment works to terminate bedbugs. Our professionals make use of high tech steam ejectors. Bedbugs are not clearly visible during day hours; this makes them difficult to be killed during this time. Our work team will give you information of different thermal treatments.

How Long does it take to Get rid of Bedbugs?

If you take 2 to 4 pest control treatments from our bedbug control team then you will get rid of bedbugs probably within three to five weeks.

Steps to be done Before our Arrival

Before we arrive with our work team at your home or office, you need to make the infected area empty. If your bedroom is infected then keep away all the bed sheets and mattresses. If your study room is infected with bedbugs then you should keep away all the books. However keep the bedbug infected furniture in front of us so that we can help you in exterminating these blood suckers.

Harlem bedbug exterminators are always available for 24/7 to solve your problem of bedbugs. You can call our technical staff anytime just dial 646-213-3015.